A journey to the villages of Kalavryta

The mountainous Achaia is a place that combines in a wonderful way its natural and historical contrasts. The geophysical relief of the prefecture is made up of three mountains. The last one is the one that holds the first place in the prefecture in terms of the number of mountain visitors. At its foothills stand the beautiful Kalavryta – a historic town surrounded by fir trees and at an altitude of 750 meters. Since 1988, when the ski resort opened, Kalavryta and its surrounding villages, known as Kalavrytochoria, have attracted thousands of visitors every year. A trip to the villages of Kalavryta is a unique opportunity to get to know the authentic Greece.


Part of a fairy tale
Planitero, Achaia
Kalavryta offers impressive landscapes, with extensive green hills, waterfalls, streams and rivers that cross the region. One of these is the Aroanios River, whose sources start near the village of Planitero. The village is located in the plantain forest, which is a Natura 2000 protected area. The plane trees are up to 4 metres in diameter and create a unique atmosphere. The springs of the Aroani River gush through the rocks and offer a refreshing breath of fresh air in hot summers. And of course, you can’t visit Planitero without trying the local trout, which is considered one of the most delicious in Greece. At the Planitero tavern, next to the running waters, you will enjoy both the nature and the food.
Coming down from Planitero, it is worth making a stop in Klitoria, also known as Mazaika, where it is 25 km from the city of Kalavryta. Built amphitheatrically and at an altitude of 535 meters, it allows you to enjoy the mountainous landscape to the fullest. Klitoria maintained many public services, which demonstrated for decades its refusal to provincial degradation. Now, reality has changed and as a result many of them have ceased to operate. Nevertheless, it continues to attract visitors at all times of the year. Coming to Klitoria, don’t miss to drink your coffee at the central square of National Resistance. Your options are many, some of them: Voutsaras, Mazei-Cafe.
On the other hand, apart from your coffee, you can enjoy delicious local meats. The tavern Mouries is famous for its pork steaks, both in taste and size. You will find equally good quality food at the Palyvos tavern. The Papagiannopoulos tavern is known for its handmade burgers, where you will even find fine stews. A few meters from the central square of the village you will find Mont Helmos, a hotel offering a variety of rooms. The property has a swimming pool where you can relax and rejuvenate during your summer holidays. On the other hand, the hospitable owners of the Aroanios Hotel are waiting to welcome you and offer you excellent services for your stay. Leaving from Klitoria you should not miss a visit to the Cave of Lakes, a unique creation of nature.
In the heart of Erymanthos, among firs, oaks and other trees, lies Ano Vlasia, a mountain village in Achaia. Built at an altitude of 811 meters, Ano Vlasia offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains and the waterfalls of the Selinounta River. Here, time flows slowly and calmly. The houses are stone-built and traditional, while the residents are welcoming and smiling. Ano Vlasia is ideal for those seeking relaxation and tranquility, but also for those who love hiking and nature. At the hotel Mikri Archontissa you can enjoy your stay and the unique view it has to offer.


A paradise for nature and adventure lovers

On the border of Achaia and Arcadia, at an altitude of 641 meters, is Daphne Kalavryta. A mountain village with a rich history and natural beauty, worth visiting.Daphne was founded in antiquity and was the seat of the Arcadian state of Kleitor. The village is surrounded by green forests, picturesque paths and abundant running waters. For a stop it is worth stopping at the grill-pizzeria Ferles, where you will eat amazing pizza and pasta.

Daphne offers the visitor a unique opportunity to enjoy the wild beauty of nature. It is a popular destination for lovers of nature and alternative activities. It is located very close to the river Ladonas and the artificial lake of the same name, where visitors can enjoy activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting, rowing, fishing and more. In addition, the area is ideal for hiking on trails that cross lush forests, such as the Barbus Forest, and historical sites, such as the Trikamaro Bridge.


A centuries-old tree, a story full of legends and traditions
The miraculous icon of Panagia Plataniotissa
In the green mountains of Kalavryta, there is a small village with a unique history. Plataniotissa, named after the church of Panagia, which is built in the trunk of a century-old plane tree. The huge plane tree has a circumference of 17 meters and a height of 25 meters. The church is very small, with a length of 8 metres and a width of 3 metres. Inside, there is an icon of Virgin Mary Vrefokratousa, which is identical to the icon of the Monastery of the Great Cave. The history of the church is fascinating. According to tradition, the monks of the Great Cave Monastery, in their quest to find the icon of the Virgin Mary, spent the night in the plane tree. The next day, they saw a miracle: the image of the Virgin Mary was imprinted on the wall of the tree. Panagia Plataniotissa is one of the most unique pilgrimages in Greece. It is a place that combines the beauty of nature with religious tradition


A natural shelter
Kertezi, a picturesque mountain village of Achaia, embraced by the slopes of Mount Kallifonios, is a dreamy destination for lovers of nature and tradition. It is located at an altitude of 822 meters, 14 kilometers from Kalavryta, and offers its visitors a magnificent view of the valley of the Vouraikos River. Kertezi is famous for its abundant waters, with springs such as Kefalovryso and Neromana unfolding their beauty. Hiking trails cross dense forests of century-old plane and fir trees, leading to picturesque chapels and beautiful corners of nature. Kertezi is famous for its wild chestnut forest that surrounds the village.
A look at the tranquil beauty of nature in Kalavryta
Picturesque villages, perched on the slopes of Chelmos, covered in greenery, with stone houses and traditional squares, invite you to experience the authentic beauty of mountainous Achaia. Walk along the cobbled streets, get lost in the alleys, feel the coolness of the springs and indulge in the serenity of nature. Taste local specialties, warm tsipouro and handmade sweets. Meet the hospitable residents and feel the warmth of Greek tradition. Visit historic monasteries, walk on beautiful trails, experience the adventure of skiing and rafting, and indulge in the magic of Helmos.