Arachova: A wonderful 48-hour escape

Arachova is definitely the queen of winter (and not only) excursions as thousands of people choose to spend their weekends or even any weekend in its picturesque cobbled streets. Whether you choose a romantic stroll from end to end, a stroll along its busy main street, or a romantic photo on the trademark clock rock, a walk in Arachova reveals the charming marriage of the old and the new. And all this under the gaze of Apollo’s mountain, Parnassus.
She is undoubtedly the lady of Parnassus. The way it stands built amphitheatrically makes it appear majestic under the southern slopes of the mountain to end up in a ravine where the river Pleistos flows. Its central square is located at an altitude of 960 metres. Arachova can meet the needs of a traveller who wants to spend 48 hours close to nature but with all the comforts, but also of someone who wants a weekend in a cosmopolitan background.

What to do and where to eat during your stay in Arachova

But all this must be accompanied by the right dishes. There are many suggestions, depending on your appetite and the style of cuisine you prefer. For more traditional tastes, pay a visit to the tavern of «Kaplanis» where you can eat hot soups and well-cured meats. In the café of Zampa you will eat pies, cheeses, snacks and eggs in various versions while a visit to the historic shop of «Panagiota». is also worthwhile. A place where many historical figures have eaten and the flavours are family friendly but with a more modern edge. If again your appetite is for Italian then «Tavola» is a place that will speak to the heart of those who love Italian cuisine, risottos and pasta.

The "Mykonos of winter" - Fun and drinks in Arachova

The entertainment in Arachova is one of the most famous for tourist winter destinations. With a vibrant nightlife, the cosmopolitan village of Parnassos has rightly gained a reputation as the top winter destination for entertainment and the title “Mykonos of Winter”.
All day cafe-bars, party restaurants, mountain cafe-bars and nightclubs that keep the fun going until the morning. A stroll through the bar “Room” for cocktails and good whisky will take you on a journey with the music of Berlin, the elegance and aesthetics of London. If you want mainstream music, premium drinks, cocktails with an Asian “smell” and sushi then «Yuki Mountain Bar» is for you.