Ikaria: The island of longevity

Greece is full of stunning islands, each with its own unique beauty and charm. Among these islands… Ikaria stands out for its endless beauty.
But what is it that makes visitors from all parts of the world want to visit?

Longevity of its inhabitants

Ikaria – Known as “the island where people forget to die”. The phenomenon of longevity in Ikaria has been recorded for decades. Many studies have been done to explain the cause of this phenomenon. Scientific communities internationally and worldwide have turned all their attention to discovering what it is that helps the longevity of Ikarians. Some possible reasons:
Good physical condition
Mediterranean diet
Lunch break
Relaxed pace of daily life
Strong social and family ties
A fact that attracts the interest of visitors who really want to get to know the everyday life of Ikarians.

Did you know that?

Ikaria is listed in the Blue Zones - a designation given to 5 regions around the world. In these areas, the inhabitants have a life expectancy of over 90 years.

The festivals of Ikaria

Throughout the year the festivals have their own place in the life of the island. Many of its visitors come to the island in order to live this experience, to dance the Ikariotiko and to let themselves go to its steps. In most of the villages of Ikaria and on every religious festival, festivals are organized. The traditional celebrations, local flavours and dances offer a genuine journey into the culture of Ikaria.
The most famous festivals:

Ikarian hospitality

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Another feature that impresses visitors to the island is the authentic way of life of the locals. This authenticity is intertwined with the hospitality of the Ikarians and their selfless effort to serve you to the fullest. August and September are the ideal months to visit the island, provided of course that you have booked your accommodation well in advance. For your stay trust Erofili Beach Hotel , Cavos Bay Hotel and Studios in Armenistis, Agriolykos in Therma. In the settlement of Evdilos, Atheras will offer you wonderful moments.

The natural beauty of the island

The deep blue waters of the Aegean surround the island, while the green slopes and the waterfalls create a magical atmosphere. Ikaria is an island with great biodiversity and natural wealth. It is known for its stunning landscapes. One of its remarkable callos is the combination of wild yet intense dense vegetation, a beauty that for many is described as exotic. On the island you will be impressed by the abundance of trails. If you like hiking you should definitely live this experience. You will pass between torrents, wild waterfalls, beautiful pine forests, bridges and thus you will get to know some of the picturesque villages of Ikaria.
On the other hand, if you like water sports in Ikaria you will enjoy it. In Mesakti you will find the Ikaria Surf School for a perfect combination of sport and fun.

During your stay on the island it is worth exploring the island’s beaches. Among them:

Another phenomenon of Ikaria is its thermal springs, known since antiquity. They are radioactive and impressively effective in the treatment of many diseases (skin diseases, rheumatism, gynaecological problems, etc.).

The gastronomy of Ikaria

If you visit Ikaria, once will not be enough. Everything around you will surprise you, let alone its delicious traditional cuisine. Like any cuisine, Ikarian cuisine has its secrets.
Some of its basic gastronomic products:

Pramnios Wine

You can’t leave the island without trying the wine of Ikaria, which is famous for its strong red wine with its beneficial properties. A total of 12 local wines are produced in Ikaria. On your departure from the island, if you want to purchase you can contact the specialists Afianes Wines, Karimali Winery, Tsantiri Winery


On the island it is also known as ‘Anama’. It is produced from the heather bush and is distinguished from other honeys because of its thick texture. In Honey from the Nature of Ikaria you will find more information about Ikarian honey.


A rare plant that thrives only in the Ikarian soil – also known as the sweet potato of Ikaria.


White goat’s cheese, a favourite among the locals.


Did you know? Ikaria produces its own soft drinks! The Kefalos Soft Drinks Industry produces various types of soft drinks which, apart from Ikaria, are now distributed in selected parts of Greece.
Don’t miss to try soufiko, cheese pies with kathoura, pumpkin fritters, stuffed goat with rice and traditional Icarian pies.
We recommend the tavern Sta perix to taste authentic traditional dishes!
With its natural beauty, authenticity and rich cultural heritage, the island manages to attract visitors from all over the world. With its picturesque villages, trails and deep blue beaches, visitors can lose themselves in the endless serenity of nature. In Ikaria, time moves slowly, and traditions live on timelessly. The rich gastronomy with local products, the hospitable locals and the relaxed atmosphere make Ikaria an ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the intense rhythm of everyday life and discover one of the most authentic regions of Greece.