New Year’s Day trip 2023: Magical New Year’s Eve in 3 destinations

After 2 (at least) odd years, with excursions being a “dying breed”, it’s time for travel, far away or closer to the cities, on the occasion of one of the most beautiful seasons of the year: Christmas and New Year. And what better way to spend New Year’s Eve 2023 and have a snowy New Year’s Eve than in three magical destinations in the Peloponnese, Epirus and Western Macedonia.

Mountainous Corinthia

Ορεινή Κορινθία
Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

For many, mountainous Corinthia is a paradise on earth just 2 hours from Athens. Mountains, lakes, villages, picturesque landscapes make up a collage of almost fairytale-like scenery. And the change of time wants its magic. The alpine nature of Mountainous Corinthia (it is no coincidence that it has been called “Corinthian Switzerland”) as well as the countless options it has, are a place you can constantly discover.

From the wonderful routes through the fir trees and the unexpected weather changes on the plateau of Zireia and Helmos, to the tourist gateway of the region, the villages of Trikala and the heart beating at Lake Doxa, the mountainous Corinthia can be the refuge for one of the busiest three days of the year. Feneos is an ideal destination for a short getaway, even 48 hours, away from Athens. A lush green landscape, beautiful villages and organized accommodations that will make your stay in the area a highlight. Accommodation for which you can find out more from If you are a lover of good food make a stop at the village of Zarochlia. We also suggest you, after the enjoyable walk in Lake Doxa, to visit the tavern “Trikrina” known for its meat and the “Koutouki tou Stikou”.


Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

Metsobo  is nestled at an altitude of 1,150 meters and is historically one of the most popular winter destinations in Greece. It is located 50 km away from the city of Ioannina via the Egnatia Highway. The charm of Metsobo with its traditional, stone houses, cobbled streets and squares with a background of whitewashed mountainsides and fir trees “dressed” in white is one of the reasons to choose it for New Year’s Eve 2023. And of course, that’s not all.

Don’t miss to visit the Folklore Museum of Metsobo (Mansion Tositsa), the E. Averoff Gallery and the Tsanakas Museum. The region also compensates you if you are a winter sports enthusiast and you want your New Year’s Eve to have an essence of… adventure. You can load your ski and snowboard skis in your car and set off early for the nearby ski resorts (Politsies or Profitis Elias, Karakoli and Zygos-Anilios)

If your festive mood wants something more… aromatic and special then a visit for wine tasting and food at “Katoigi Averoff” is more than necessary.


Nymphaeum is one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Europe and is a real jewel for northern Greece (and not only). Choked in beech forests, with its stone-built houses radiating nobility in their simple lines and blending harmoniously into the environment, Nymphaeum is a popular destination for this New Year’s Eve as well.
Built at an altitude of 1350 meters, it is a traditional settlement and is located at a distance of about 26 kilometers from the city of Florina and 180 from Thessaloniki. In Nymphaeum the attractions do not end quickly. From walks in the often snow-covered streets, walking in beech forests full of mushrooms, playing games next to impressive mansions, tasting fine wines from renowned vineyards, canoeing in Lake Zazari and meeting… bears and wolves, Nymphaeon knows how to keep your interest warm.

For true taste sensations, visit the village of Sklithro and eat at “Thomas” and “Kontosoro” in Xino Nero.