Weekend at Pozar Baths

Are you looking for the ideal winter destination or even a destination where you can combine wellness activities, a variety of sport activities and relaxation? Pozar Baths probably meets your needs. Loutra Pozar (also known as Loutra Loutraki) is located in the village of Loutraki, at the foot of the mountain Voras – Kaimaktsalan and is 33 km away from Edessa, just 13 km from the city of Aridaia and 109 km from Thessaloniki.

Pozar Baths: The spa town of Aridaia

Pozar Loutra, which in the local dialect means “under the fire”, is the ideal solution for those who want to rest, relax and feel that they are a little closer to nature. The 32 km to Loutra Pozar is on a country road, a little narrow with few, not steep, bends. The waters gushing from the Pozar springs (the Slavic name meaning heat) have a temperature of about 37°C and are considered to be thermal. There you have 2 options. You can book one of the small indoor pools or the outdoor pool with thermal waters, where a waterfall with cold water falls right next to it. Many people even dare in winter to try the outdoor pool and alternate between hot and cold water.

For your stay you can choose the «Emmanouilidis Mansion» in Loutraki Aridaia, where you will find five large luxurious suites with fireplace and balcony in a green landscape.

For your food you can visit “Kokkino Piperi” for delicious kontosouvli, vegetarian meatballs, fresh mushrooms and many other meze and meat dishes.

Ride in Edessa and Old Agios Athanasios

But the weekend still has plenty of time and an easy trip from Loutra Pozar is Edessa. The distance to Edessa is short, just 25 km on a comfortable road. The city’s waterfalls are the most impressive attraction. Twelve in number, but only 4 are visible, in this unique geopark. You can admire the waterfalls from afar and you can also pass directly underneath them with the small risk of getting wet with a few splashes of water.

But apart from gazing at the waterfalls, it’s worth a stroll through the traditional Varosha district. The declared listed settlement that is full of traditional 19th century Macedonian mansions.
But do you want a dose of mountains and snow? The 53km to the village of Paleos Agios Athanasios is relatively easy and relaxing. The winter resort village that serves visitors to the Kaimaktsalan ski resort is full of infrastructure. Guesthouses and warm taverns with fireplaces are filled with people especially on weekends. The tavern «Katafygio» has a large fireplace and there you will taste traditional dishes such as hocks with noodles and more modern cuts of meat.
The ski center is 18 km from Paleo Agios Athanasios. The route goes up the mountain and in some places you will have a view of Lake Vegoritida. The Vora Kaimaktsalan ski resort is the highest in the country with one lift located at an altitude of 2,489 meters. There you can have an absolutely fun experience on one of the 10 slopes, ride snowcats or relax while gazing at the snow-covered mountain peaks in one of the 2 chalets. And our little friends can also play on the snow playground.