Ydra: Excursion to the island of the captains

Do you want a weekend destination with a rich history, good food, nightlife and drinks but also ideal for walks and nature trails? Nearby Ydra has it all. The weather has opened up and the first dips are really necessary. Ydra is one of the five most famous islands of the Saronic Gulf (along with Spetses, Poros, Aegina and Agistri) and is the perfect destination for an easy trip from Athens. The traditional capital where there are no vehicles and transport is by donkeys, the first dives in the deep blue waters and good food are reasons to visit Ydra. Drink coffee at the harbor where everyone goes down for a perantzada, follow the paths for nature walks and taste fresh fish and seafood.

Stroll around the stately Ydra

A little more than 1.5 hours from the port of Piraeus to Ydra. The flying dolphins and fast boats run many routes daily. You enter the bay of the harbor and you are left with your mouth wide open at the image of Chora with the fantastic mansions that stretch amphitheatrical from the sea to the hillside. This is the moment to have a coffee with a view of the harbor at «Isalos».

Then you go right to the edge of the bay and climb the steps to see the statue of Andreas Miaoulis, the Ydra sea fighter of 1821. And somewhere here you found the perfect spot for picturesque photos with the harbor of the island as a background. A little before it is worth a stop at the «Historical Archive-Museum of Ydra» to be able to observe cannons, navigation instruments, traditional costumes, paintings and other objects related to the history of the island and the participation of the locals in the struggle of 1821. Outside the museum, the statue of the Ydra fighter Antonis Economou reminds visitors of his significant contribution to the Greek Revolution

The Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the harbor and the church of Agios Ioannis Nesteyti are also interesting sights of the island. Another spot worth your attention is the oldest pharmacy on the island (Pharmacy Rafalia), dating back to the 19th century. Finally, close to the port of Ydra and easily accessible on foot are the beaches of Spilia, Ydroneta, Avlaki and Mandraki for those who want to enjoy some more sea.

Food and drink

With this and that, noon arrived. The best time for a beautiful walk by the sea that will end with your main meal. From the museum you start a nice walk by the sea to the settlement of Vlyho. The distance is 2.8 km and the route passes over beaches, through traditional paths and around Ydra mansions with flowering gardens. In Vliho you will sit down for lunch with a view of the sea at «Marina». Since 1963 it has been serving traditional delicacies such as baked aubergine with onions, red sauce and feta cheese, as well as handmade pies and fresh squid.

Return to Chora for an afternoon siesta with dessert and coffee. At the pastry shop «Anemoni» you will go for the best almond loaves, the fluffy millefeuille and the fresh chocolatines. After the necessary rest it’s time for the evening promenade, dinner and of course your drink. The stone building from 1870 is located right next to the sea and has been home to the restaurant «Téchnē». since 2016. On the path leading from Ydra to Kamini, the restaurant has a unique view and a lovely courtyard. For your evening out, all roads lead to the classic drinking spot in Ydra , «Pirates». There you will taste signature cocktails, drink well-made classics like Negroni and Bloody Mary and listen to good music. A meeting point is also «Plakostroto» which, apart from food, serves neat margaritas in a nice garden. For well-made cocktails with Latin, ethnic, jazz and funk sounds as background, go to «Amalour», on the ground floor of a mansion in the center of the island.