25 March 2023: 7+1 destinations for a spring weekend

The 25th of March is an excellent opportunity for a three-day trip (regardless of whether it falls on a weekend or a weekday we think you’ll find your way) as it’s on the cusp between winter and spring and depending on the weather it becomes a must-see opportunity to get out of the big cities.
March 25 is always in people’s minds as a day of celebration combined with outings, even if they are to a nice tavern for cod and garlic. But because no excursion opportunity should go to waste, below you’ll read about 7+1 destinations that will get you in the spring mood and make the most of your trip.
filoxeno.com is here to suggest places to visit that are either already prominent in the hearts of travelers, or are slowly emerging and becoming attractions as they combine nature, activities, delicious food, local products and great stories. So let’s get started!


It is characterized by its wild beauty and authenticity. Skyros is an island of contrasts with pine hills, landscapes dominated by cliffs, beaches and sea caves. If you choose to travel to the largest island of the Sporades, you will find that it is the place that ideally marries the Cycladic style with that of the Sporades. The intense lush vegetation in full harmony with the Cycladic culture, the white houses, the narrow cobbled streets and the stately Chora. The Chora of Skyros has kept the traditional architecture of the place, it is picturesque with all-white houses next to each other and has many small museums. A walk through the cobbled streets will reveal the nobility of this special island which will seduce you immediately. Stop for lunch at “Stamatia’s” where you will taste exquisite stews and its famous lobster pasta.


If you are looking for a suitable destination for a three-day trip from Athens then you have found it in Ydra. It will take you just 1 hour and 40 minutes from the port of Piraeus to get there. Flying dolphins and fast ships run many routes daily. The traditional capital where no vehicles enter and the transport is done by donkeys, the first dives (for the adventurous) in the deep blue waters and the good food are reasons to visit Hydra. First you will make a coffee stop at the harbor where everyone comes down for a peradzada and then you will follow the paths for nature walks and enjoy fresh fish and seafood. The “Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra” is worth the time of a visit. From the Museum you start a beautiful walk by the sea to the settlement of Vlyho. The distance is 2,8 km and the route passes over beaches, through traditional paths and around Hydra mansions with flowering gardens. In Vlyho you will stop for lunch with a view of the sea at “Marina”. For a drink there is no other choice but that of “Pirate”.


The small island, the birthplace of Bouboulina and linked to the naval tradition, every spring is in full swing. Spetses is ready for the first spring evenings: whitewashed courtyards, flower pots, welcoming smiles and cheerfulness. You see, as the weather opens up, so does the mood. The preserved mansions glisten in the sun while the boats are already full of salt from the sea water. Spetses has not lost the character that has made the island among the most beloved among travelers. of Spetses keeps unchanged in time all the elements that have made it dear for so many years to visitors. You can reach Spetses either by dolphin from Piraeus or by driving to the settlement of Costa in Argolida (179 km from Athens) and from there it will take you about 10-15 minutes to cross over by boat. The island is ideal for walks. You start the coastal walk from the old to the new port. Along the way you can’t help but stare at, on the one hand, the carnagia and the sea and on the other hand, the captain’s houses and shops. If you walk a little further past the old port you will also see the Lighthouse, one of the oldest in the country, having started operating in 1837. For food, especially fish, you can sit at “Patralis” or for traditional cuisine at «Pahni».


Hermione is one of the most beautiful seaside areas in the prefecture of Argolida and which is quite reminiscent of an island. While there are many who call it an “island town”, as it ideally combines the island atmosphere and aesthetics with that of the city. The tidy little town is located next to a lovely, pine-covered cape, Bisti, which is distinguished for its stately aura and picturesque landscape. Ermioni is in the southeastern part of Argolida, 85 km from Nafplio and just opposite Hydra. Built amphitheatrical on both sides of a narrow strip of land, in the eastern part of the Peloponnese, it is as small as it needs to be for an all-inclusive excursion, while offering its visitors images of incredible beauty and moments of relaxation overlooking the waters of the bay right in front of it. For lunch, stop at “Karavaki”, where you can taste fish flavours and traditional dishes.


If you want a short trip for the 25th of March, without the crowds, then Arkadia is your next destination. With many small or larger villages, you’re sure to find one that will click for your next short weekend getaway. The picturesque Lagadia is absolutely scenic yet organized with options for all types of travelers. The distance to the stone-built village is about two hours. With picturesque streets, stone-built houses and enchanting views, Lagadia amphitheatrical built on a hillside of Menalon, has made a strong entry into our travel agenda, even though it is not as popular as Dimitsana and Karytaina. A stone work of art with running waters, surrounded by walnut and plane trees, it stands out for its beauty and the choices it offers its visitors. For lunch you will stop at “Tsiahtai”. You will sit by the fireplace and eat salad with wild greens and stuffed tenderloin.


Nafpaktos is a choice for all seasons of the year and depending on which season you visit it has something different to offer. The picturesque seaside town of Aitoloakarnania keeps its traditional color unchanged with its preserved buildings, cobbled alleys, the Venetian castle and the medieval harbor with its romantic atmosphere creating a truly charming setting. The port is the undisputed point of reference and a favorite meeting point for residents and visitors alike. This is because it offers a magnificent view of the sea under the shade of the plane trees. Its scattered monuments reflect its turbulent history while its walls descend down to the Corinthian Gulf. It is worth visiting the Tower of Botsaris, dating back to the 15th century, which functions as a museum and the city clock of 1914. In the town you stop for lunch at “Achinos” which offers exclusively fish and seafood. Outside Nafpaktos all roads lead to the traditional butcher’s tavern of “Karadima” (Malamata, Aitoloakarnania).


A rising tourist attraction in recent years, with constantly increasing trends, is Tzoumerka. The steep natural landscape of Tzoumerka with its 47 picturesque villages is an ideal perspective for a three-day trip. Travelers will be completely satisfied with the wide range of sporting activities on offer and of course the fine food with an emphasis on meat. The canvas is distinctive with bridges, monasteries literally built on the rocks, man-made lakes and caves making up the most beautiful backdrop of the region. Syrrako is one of the villages in Tzoumerka that is definitely worth exploring. Stone mansions, narrow cobbled streets, many fountains, watermills and two arched bridges at the entrance of the village that you have to wear sportswear and walk from one end to the other to get to know it. One of the most characteristic spots of the village is the stone-built Goura Fountain, very close to the square and it stands out with its domed roof and three spouts that spout icy water. For a food stop we would suggest you to stop at «Meraklis» located in Agnanda Arta where you will eat excellent stews and roasts of the hour.


Parga is known by two nicknames: The “diamond” or the “island” of Epirus. It is a beautiful seaside picturesque town, which has nothing to envy to its counterparts in popular resorts abroad. It has no equal in comparison to any other island in Greece. The fortress of Parga, with its arched gate, the bastions, bastions and fortifications, once played a vital role in the survival of the city. If you are also a lover of history and mythology then you should not miss the most important necromancy of antiquity, the Necromancy of Acheron which is located about 15 km away from the city. The Ancient Greeks believed that the sources of the river Acheron were the Gates of the Underworld. Parga is about 400 kilometers from Athens and you will get there in about 4 hours through an easy route. For food you can visit the family-run traditional fish shop “Stefanos” with the amazing view of the beach of Valtos. On your table will arrive what the owners caught in their catch since they are professional fishermen.