Trip to Volos and it’s tsipouradika

If you had to describe Volos in 3 phrases you could use the following: Rides in the harbour, Excursion in the nature of Pelion, Relaxing in the tsipouradika. The city of Magnesia with its unique charm, its special colour and its main characteristic is its location between the Pagasitikos Sea and the imposing Pelion. Volos is an all-weather destination that can offer you many experiences.

Located between Athens (325 km) and Thessaloniki (207), Volos combines what we call mountain and sea (call me “Pelion”) and right next to it are the Sporades islands. How could it not be considered, as the ideal destination for all seasons of the year? The picturesque town has a history dating back to antiquity as the mythical home of Jason and the Argonauts.

So a weekend is enough to get to know the county capital, walk along Argonauts Avenue with its tsipouradika and cafes and wander its bustling pedestrian streets? The answer is “yes” but you have to go back. And believe us, you will.

The port of Volos and its promenade

One of the must walks in the city of Volos is the one at the port. The marina extends from the ferry port to the University of Thessaly and the coastline continues even further. It will win you over immediately as it is the place in the city where there are no cars, which means you can enjoy your walk there day and night undisturbed. The pedestrianised coastal avenue is the most popular meeting and walking spot for residents and visitors to the city.

The stroll along the... Old

Every city in Greece has a neighborhood with a special character, a scent of the past, different from the rest of the functional part of the city. Volos could not be an exception. The current district of Palea, or simply Palea, in the western sector of the city with its neoclassical buildings is worth your walk. There you will also see Volos’ castle built in the mid-6th century AD, admire the Roman baths, walk around Agioi Theodoroi Square and forget about today.

Volos without tsipouradika is inconceivable!

It is perhaps the only city in Greece where a visit to a specific category of restaurants is a must. One of the most memorable experiences is a visit to one of Volos’ tsipouradika. But before we start drinking and eating, let’s take a little trip through history. The first traces of tsipouro production in Thessaly are lost in the depths of history, but the most dynamic appearance of viticulture in the region can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century, especially after the annexation of Thessaly to Greece in 1881. However, it took the arrival in 1922 of the great wave of refugees from Asia Minor to change habits. The people who arrived in the town have a habit of stopping at noon after work to have a tsipouroki with a seafood meze “to whet the appetite” for food at home.
What you should also know when visiting Volos’ tsipouradika is that getting full or drunk is not an end in itself. The purpose is the communication of people. In authentic tsipouradika there is no reservation and there is no list. All you order is the tsipouro and the appetizers follow. If you listen to the waiter informing the kitchen about orders, you will only hear numbers, nothing else. But let’s take a look at some of the tsipouroki that are worth visiting.

Demiris“: this is a traditional tsipouradiko in Nea Ionia Volos, famous for its shellfish. A fine appetizer is the kolitsiani (sea anemones that are passed through batter and fried).

Gianna-Nikos“: lunch stop at the best tsipouradiko in Palea, on the most beautiful square of the city..

Kavouras“: one of the oldest shops in Volos, located in a small alley near the port. It is one of the most famous tavern in the town. The tsipouro they serve is light and the appetizers are tidy.

Tzimis“: another option in Nea Ionia, a place with many tables inside and outside. Here you will enjoy good tsipouro and delicious appetizers, such as fried anchovies with garlic mousse, octopus and tuna salad.

Mezen“: the innovative proposal in the city’s tsipouradika or the first attempt to renew the meze. At 8 Alonissou Street you will find a place that is full of life from noon to night.

To Filaraki“: the choice that is also worth making from the Old Town of Volos. “Filaraki” is perhaps the only one of the authentic tsipouradika that sometimes opens at night.