Ano Chora of Nafpaktia: An escape to nature

As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves of the trees change color, the Mountainous Nafpaktia transforms into a magical destination for those seeking moments of relaxation and tranquility. Although Nafpaktos is known for its beaches, Mountainous Nafpaktia hides a world of lush green hillsides, forests of fir trees, beech trees and chestnut groves that will leave an indelible impression. Among its natural wealth you will see villages popping up that will add their own aesthetics to the natural splendour of the region.

Ano Chora

Ano Chora village
58 km outside the city of Nafpaktos, a magical village adorns the heart of the mountainous Nafpaktia. It is none other than Ano Chora. Hidden inside the impressive mountains of the region, is the ultimate refuge of the mountain range of Vardousia. It is known for its traditional cobbled streets, stone houses and old churches. All these together contribute to the creation of a fairytale landscape. Endowed with fir and chestnut trees, built at an altitude of 1,050 meters, Ano Chora has to offer you endless moments of rejuvenation.
Ano Chora
Ano Chora

If you like hiking, in the area you can do it while enjoying its beauties. Thus, on the path of Kakkavos, which connects Ano Chora with Ambelakiotissa, in a two-to-two-and-a-half-hour route, you can enjoy the rare species of plants and the flowing waters of the homonymous gorge. It is a demanding route for strong lungs.

It is worth visiting the stone-built Metropolitan Church of Saint Paraskevi which is a landmark of the village. A few meters away, housed in a specially designed area, you will find the “Karnavalos”, an old antique bus, which until 1983 connected Ano Chora and Kato Chora with Nafpaktos.

An idea that took shape

Kravara Park is an innovative idea that encourages visitors to explore the area. The purpose of the park was and is to showcase the natural wealth of the area. Its area covers 20,000 acres around the settlement. In this park you can enjoy activities of your choice, some such as mountain biking, hiking, off-road driving.
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Where to eat?

At “Platani” you will enjoy delicious daily dishes and local meats that will leave you very satisfied. Along with your meal, you will also enjoy the wonderful view of the mountain. An excellent combination! In a picturesque alley of the village you will find the tavern Patouchas Vassilios, don’t miss to visit it, you will taste all the deliciousness in just a few dishes.

Kato Chora

Kato Chora
Among trees and fir trees, four kilometers from Ano Chora, you will find Kato Chora, a picturesque village of equally beautiful and rich natural beauty. Situated between two streams, the landscape will reward your every expectation. In the village you will find Xenios Chalets a beautiful complex with guesthouses to enjoy your stay in Mountainous Nafpaktia to the fullest.
Apart from the activities and your stay in Ano & Kato Chora, you should know that the area is famous for its chestnut and tsipouro festivals. Events are organized to bring together locals and non-locals alike, to enjoy chestnuts roasted over fires and celebrate the arrival of autumn. Such events take place in mid-October.
Ano Chora of Nafpaktia is a destination that has a lot to offer you. When you visit it, you will leave behind the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of mountainous Nafpaktia.

Ano Chora is waiting for you to experience it!