Karystos: An escape to South Euboea

Is it time to plan your next trip and are you looking for a unique destination that combines rich history with the stunning natural beauty and tranquility of the Greek countryside? Karystos is an ideal choice all months of the year.
It is located in southern Evia and is just 2 hours from Athens. It is located at the foot of Mount Ochi and yet the sea will be on your plate. This small town perfectly combines the mountain with the sea. It is one of the most important fishing grounds in Greece, which gives it its credit for the deliciousness of its seafood.
Its current name was given in 1862. Until then it was known as Othonoupolis. This name is because King Otto instructed the Bavarian architect Mirbech to design it.

It is well worth a visit:

Ktima Montofoli

Two and a half kilometres outside Karystos is the winery «Ktima Montofoli», which has also been declared an archaeological site. This estate is known for the cultivation of various varieties of wine, such as Assyrtiko, Latiko and Aedani. The main building you will encounter upon entering the estate, known as the Red House, has its roots in the 1500s. It is worth noting that the estate also offers accommodation to its guests. On the property’s website you can make your reservation!

Castello Rosso

Four kilometres outside of Karysto, you will find «Castello Rosso» or «Kokkinokastro», as the Greeks call it. Imposing and impressive in the eyes of visitors seeing it for the first time. It takes its name from the reddish slate stones from which it is built, which add a slightly reddish hue.

Kavo Doro - Platanisto

In the southernmost point of Evia, also known as Kavo Doro, you will find the small settlement of Platanisto. The place is famous for its waterfall, which is located on the route that connects Karystos with the villages of Cavo Doro. It is a stunning landscape that will steal your heart. There you will also find the “bridge of lovers”.

Dragon houses

In southern Evia, mainly near Karysto and Styra you will see the famous dragon houses. Huge stone cult structures dating back to the 5th century BC. So, at an altitude of 1398 meters on Mount Ochis you will come across the construction of an impressive Drakospitou. The path you will need to follow to get there presents no difficulties.

The etymology of the word Ochis is rooted in the word “ocheu”, in ancient Greek it means to meet. It was so named because the ancients believed that this was where the two gods, Zeus and Hera, secretly met.

Camping in Karystos

If you are looking for an unforgettable camping experience in Greece, Karystos can offer you that. The natural landscape embraces the area thus offering an amazing connection with nature. You will enjoy the pure beauty of the landscape, discovering wonderful trails and beaches with crystal clear waters. Such an experience can be provided by Camping Karystos, with the excellent services it can offer to its guests. But what makes it truly special is its location. It is located away from the noise of the city, which will help you to enjoy the tranquility of nature to the fullest. The campsite’s qualified and welcoming staff will be at your service throughout your stay!

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Euboean gastronomy

The gastronomy of Evia is rich and varied, reflecting the cultural and geographical diversity of the island.
To taste its delicacies, don’t miss the opportunity to visit its tasteful restaurants.

Here are some suggestions for restaurants in Karystos that can be included in your itinerary:

Karystion Restaurant

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The journey through the flavors of this place will be unforgettable.

Karystos is waiting for you!