A journey to four picturesque villages of west Mani

The west Mani, or Exo Mani, is a hidden treasure in the heart of the Peloponnese, where time seems to have almost stopped. This unique region combines immense natural beauty with a rich history and cultural heritage.

The geography of west Mani is impressive, with green slopes meeting the blue sea. The traditional buildings, known as the ‘towers of Mani’, are the result of the region’s distinctive architecture and testify to the presence of extremely resilient people. The history of Mani is rich and quite fascinating. Its inhabitants, known as ‘Maniates’, were known for their independence and their relentless determination to defend their territory in any period of danger, especially against the Turkish yoke.


Just 12 km from Kalamata you will find a beautiful picturesque fishing village. It is Kitries. They are one of the most historical villages of Messinia, since during the Turkish occupation they were the seat of the Beis of Mani.
In 1819 in Kitries the “Pact of Kitries” was signed by the families of Mavromichalai, Troupakis and Gregorakis. Pact in which the families promised peace between them and a common front during the Revolution of 1821.
Today the village offers peace and relaxation. You can enjoy fresh fish by the sea. Visit the Gaitanaros & Mimis Restaurant to enjoy local seafood creations.


One of the places in Greece that is recorded from Homeric times, as it is said that it was considered one of the seven favoured and well inhabited cities that Agamemnon would give as a dowry to Achilles. Kardamyli has this picturesque beauty as well. It is seaside with several beaches around it which makes the visitor never bored. Its nightlife may not be intense, but it offers options for a relaxed pace. In the tavern of Lela you will taste the Messinian cuisine to the fullest. If you are a sunset lover, Aquarella is the best choice to enjoy it with your drink and the relaxing music of the restaurant.

For your stay in Kardamyli, Filoxeno suggests:

A few kilometres further on, in the settlement of Proastio (Prastio) you will find Mary’s Stone House, where the hospitable and pleasant owner is waiting to welcome you. From the courtyard of the house you will have a unique view of Kardamyli at your feet.


Next destination after Kardamyli must necessarily be Stoupa – one of the most popular tourist places in Messinia. Also known as the “Fairy of Messinia”, Stoupa will offer you moments of infinite beauty and tranquility. You will find many hotels and rooms to let to suit your tastes. The area is known for its two beaches: The beach of Kalogria and the beach of Stoupa, just below the settlement. They are both shallow, sandy organized beaches.
For accommodation in Stoupa, you can see more HERE.
The writer Nikos Kazantzakis stayed on the beach of Kalogria to write the book “The Life and State of Alexis Zorbas”.

Destination Tip

On the way from Kardamili to Stoupa, it is worth stopping at the best beach of the west Mani – Fonea beach. A special beach but also a hidden one, as unless someone suggests it, it is hard to see . There are two versions of its name: one says that Phoneas was inhabited by a pirate who was shipwrecked there. Until he built it, he robbed and killed passers-by. The other version says that it was named Foneas because of the steep bend above the beach that caused many fatal accidents.

Saint Nicholas

A few kilometers south of Stoupa, you will find another picturesque fishing village, the settlement of Agios Nikolaos. The traditional style of Mani there will surprise you and you will not want to leave. If you want an accommodation to spend your holidays quietly Katafigio Village is an option that will meet your expectations.

Those who visit the west Mani will be confronted with a unique synthesis of nature, history and tradition. This region offers a breath of escape from the modern world, an opportunity to discover the genuine beauty of Greece and to be inspired by the sense of tradition that prevails in every corner of the region. Western Mani is truly a magical destination that leaves an indelible impression on every visitor.

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