Messolonghi: The History, Nature and Culture of a Magical Destination

Greece, with its variety of landscapes and rich history, offers endless opportunities for travel adventures. One destination that stands out for its natural beauty and the authentic experience it can offer is Tourlis in Aitoloakarnania. If you are looking for a destination that combines the tranquility of nature with the opportunity for adventure and discovery, then Tourlida should be on your list.


This is a residential lagoon island in the Patraikos Gulf that is about five kilometers from the town of Messolonghi. It owes its name to the "turlides", seabirds that used to live there. But what will fascinate you are the Pelades, the traditional little houses you will see built in the water, which used to be fishermen's residences. They are now used as holiday homes. After your walk in Tourlis, it is worth visiting the Holy City of Messolonghi.


Known for its national heroic history, and its stunning natural beauty, it is a truly magical tourist destination. This city was loved by many, not a few poets were inspired by it and its people during the Turkish siege. Such an example of inspiration is the 'The Merciful Besieged' by the national poet, Dionysios Solomos. With its rich history, traditional character and stunning nature, Messolonghi will enchant you in every respect.

Nature in All Its Glory

Messolonghi combines traditional charm with a rich natural and diverse ecological interest. The wetlands and endemic species hosted in this region make it an ideal destination for nature lovers. The lagoon of Messolonghi is home to many species of birds, while the wetlands of the area provide a unique ecosystem that can be explored by hiking, cycling and canoeing. The area is also known for its salt ponds and sulphur springs which add a unique geological deformation to the landscape. In particular, there are two salt ponds on the shores of the lagoon. One belongs to the Municipality of Messolonghi and the other to the State. Both of them produce at least 50-70% of Greek salt production. At the Salt Museum you will discover the past of the salt marshes and gain an excellent overall experience during your visit.
Salt Ponds of Messolonghi are the largest in the country.

Cultural Heritage and History

The history of Messolonghi is closely linked to the Greek Struggle for Independence. The struggle of the people of Messolonghi during the Turkish occupation left a deep imprint on the city and its society. The National Historical Museum of Messolonghi revives this period through objects and images that will take you on a journey to that era. Entering the Holy City of Messolonghi you will see its Gate. With the Exodus of Messolonghi, the wall around the Gate was almost completely destroyed and rebuilt in 1838.

Where to eat?

It’s a shame to get there and not enjoy the local cuisine. That’s why it’s worth visiting «Ola Hima» in the centre of town or even at the Mansion of Persephone . On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the view of the lagoon while combining your breakfast, «Alatiera» is a very good choice.

Where to stay?

To see and get an overall picture of the wider area, we recommend staying there. At the entrance of the city, just opposite the Garden of Heroes, you will find Hotel Liberty, an excellent choice for an overnight stay in the city of Messolonghi. Another option is at Sunset Apartments that will provide you with the best services for a pleasant stay.

Messolonghi will charm you from every side.