Milos: An island of stone and history

One of the most beautiful and historic islands of Greece is the island of Milos. It is located in the southern Aegean Sea, with Cycladic architecture and picturesque settlements that combine traditional beauty with the uniqueness of their stony land.
Milos was formed due to intense manifestations of volcanic activity that occurred in the past, creating a layer of volcanic rocks that cover much of the island. The onset of this volcanic activity was noticed 2-3 million years ago, and stopped about 90,000 years ago. Despite this, there are two extinct volcanoes on the island, known as the volcano of Fyriplaka and the volcano of Trachila. In general, it has an island known for its mineral-rich soil.
A visit to the island’s Mining Museum will give you all the necessary information about the mineral wealth of Milos.
Like other islands of the Cyclades, Milos has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. It is famous for its archaeological treasure, the main representative of which is the statue of “Aphrodite of Milos”, which is currently housed in the Louvre Museum.
Today, the population of the island reaches about 5,200 permanent residents. Adamas is the main port of the island and is considered one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean.
The natural beauty of Milos is stunning and varied. It has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and impressive cliffs. There are more than 70 beaches on the island and each one is unique! Open the map and choose!
Its most photographed spots:


Union of volcanic rocks with the deep blue sea. A contrast so attractive that it can't fail to catch your attention! Its name is due to the Saracen pirates who used these caves as a refuge.


In this place you will see a magnificent landscape, totally unconventional. A cluster of huge rocks combined with crystal clear blue waters. Access to Kleftiko is only possible by boat.


About 12 km from Adamas you will find Tsigrado, one of the most popular beaches on the island. If you like adventure you must visit it, for the reason that it is not accessed by any means of transport but by... a wooden staircase. The scenery will reward you!


A settlement from another era. It is only 4 km from the capital of Milos, Plaka. The visit to Fyropotamos will remain engraved in your memory.


When you are on the island, don't forget to visit the most colorful fishing village of the Cyclades - Klima. The peculiarity of this settlement lies in the multicolor of the doors (boat storage areas) that corresponded to each owner, as many doors - as many colors.


A special sandy bay coexisting with three caves. You will be impressed by the imposing character of the nature that surrounds it. The beach is small and surrounded by giant rocks.

To enjoy all the beauty of the island, we suggest a walk around it. Thalassitra Sailing Tour undertakes to take you to the magic of Milos!

Where to stay in Milos?

This question does not worry you. At you will find countless accommodation options. And to help you we suggest the following:
At Oryhio – The Mine Cafe Bar you will be surprised by the beautiful atmosphere combined with the pleasant staff that will serve you to the fullest! It is open from morning where you can have your breakfast until late at night to enjoy your cocktail!
At Oh! Chamos located in Adamas, you will be able to enjoy homemade traditional delicacies. Don’t miss ordering the lamb “sourtoukiko” and the “scotirokolokytha” !
The gastronomy of Milos has special characteristics, something you will discover in most restaurants when you visit.
Milos is waiting for you to discover it!