Serifos: 5 activities on the “island of contrasts”

They call it the island of contrasts. Despite its “wild” nature, with its rich underground deposits, holidays in Serifo can be a respite of peace and quiet. The view is calming, with views of the other Cycladic islands, Kythnos, Syros, Paros, Milos and Sifnos. According to mythology, Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, grew up on the island, while Odysseus passed through here on his way back to Ithaca.

In May they whitewash in Serifos. The white houses must glow in the Cycladic sun and the island gets busy every year at this time. The island is one of the perfect places to isolate and avoid the crowds, as it has around 70 beaches, while the northern side is unused. There are plenty of walks you can do on foot following the trails. You will encounter crowds in Chora, which is built high up overlooking the other large settlement, Livadi, where the port is located. But a little “life” and bustle never hurt anyone (on their holidays).

For many, Serifos Chora is the most beautiful in the Cyclades. Without a doubt, it enchants the visitor, with its paving stones and windmills. Kato Chora is an all-white touch, with elegant little houses and flowered courtyards, while it is connected to Pano Chora by stairs. In addition, Serifos’ dozens of beaches will win over the most discerning holidaymaker.

5 must do activities in Serifos


Serifos has a wide network of trails connecting settlements and beaches. However, it takes care and smart planning when you choose to hike. If the day is too hot, choose to walk to a beach to take a dip in the water at the end of the route or start your walk in the early afternoon. A very popular route is the one leading from Livadi to Chora. It used to be the only link between the two settlements and locals used to follow the stone path with its many steps very often. The distance is about 2.6 km and depending on your pace it will take you 45-60 minutes. From Chora you can also reach the highest peak of the island, Troulos, at 587 meters.

Wandering the beaches

We are not talking about one or two beaches, but 70.So on an island like this, your first job is to go to as many as you can.Serifos has beaches for all tastes, but most of them are fine sand and quite exposed to the sun, without much shade.

Also, most of them are not organised.So an umbrella and a cooler are essential items on the island.The other thing is to watch the winds a bit so you can choose the right side to enjoy your swim as much as possible.Don’t leave out Kalo Ampeli, Ganema, Maliadiko and Vagia. Many of the beaches can also be reached via paths or by boat.

Scuba diving

ΤThe opportunity to enjoy the exciting Serifos seabed up close is offered by the diving centre «Serifos Scuba Divers» in Livadi, which has been operating on the island for many years. It is ideal for beginners as the instructors give priority to safety and explain in detail all the procedures involved in a dive.

Boat ride

What’s the best way to experience the lacy shores of Serifos? By sea. This will give you the opportunity to dive on beaches that are otherwise difficult to access and require either rough paths or bad dirt roads. In Livadi, you’ll find many companies that rent boats that don’t require a license. Alternatively, again from Livadi, tour boats organize one-day trips in which they circumnavigate the island with stops at the best beaches.


Serifos owes its long mining history to its rich subsoil, especially in the southwestern part of the island. From the 1860s until the mid-1960s the large iron deposits between Koutalas and Megalo Livadi would attract investors and hundreds of workers. It was here, after all, that one of the first strikes in Greece occurred in 1916. Driving towards Megalo Livadi you will see scattered remnants of this important history, from railway sections to wagons and loading ladders. At Megalo Livadi you’ll also see a monument dedicated to the dead workers of the 1916 strike.

Where to eat and drink

Greek coffee in a briki, fresh juices, omelettes, eggs with apaki, yoghurt with honey, fruit and nuts and waffles will be eaten «Stou Stratou», in the country square. In the afternoon you can return for varieties and raki brought from Crete or for the famous chocolate cake. The appointment for brunch is made at «Compasso», in Livadi.

But at some point you will seek a full meal. «Aloni» is located low in Chora and is famous for its view of Livadi and well-roasted meats. At the «Tis Kalis», restaurant, in Livadi, you’ll enjoy fresh seafood and whatever fish the boats have brought out that day. If you want a delicious lobster pasta, this is the place to go. Finally, if you want a drink with a view, new people and elaborate cocktails you will head to the rooftop of the «Gaidaros cocktail bar» Cocktail Bar, in Chora.