Holy Spirit: three days in Andros, Tinos, Kythnos and Spetses

What officially marks the start of summer? Certainly not the weather. It is the three days of the Holy Spirit that gives the “summer people” a reason to celebrate and the “winter people” a reason to make plans for when the season of wearing jackets comes around again. To be precise, the Holy Spirit Day is not a three-day weekend for everyone, but it is another good opportunity for a nearby excursion. Even if it’s the weekend. And what could be better than a little trip to Andros, Tinos, Kythnos και Spetses?

You don’t have to stray too far from the capital to find yourself on a beautiful beach with blue, clear waters. Nearby, you can find islands that are ideal for a comfortable short trip and for which you won’t have to spend too many hours in terms of travel. Such destinations are an ideal choice as they combine scenery of rich beauty with some excellent dining options, which in turn ensure even more relaxation, allowing you to depart from Athens carrying only the bare essentials.
In Cyclades or Argosaronikos, whichever you choose, the only certainty is that you will experience a highly enjoyable three days in the colors of the Greek summer.


Andros, the second largest island of the Cyclades, knows how to hide its diversity well. Numerous springs, wildflowers, rocky capes, green landscapes and sandy beaches make up one of the most fascinating settings of the Cyclades. Chora, Gavrio, Batsi and Korfi are the four reference points of the island that can be the base for excursions. The extensive network of trails on the island, with a total length of over 300 km, was the reason why the British Daily Telegraph included Andros in its “15 perfect Greek islands for the summer of 2021”.

The Aladinou Cave is one of the top sights to see on the island with a history dating back millions of years. With 175 kilometers of coastline, Andros offers beaches for all tastes and appetites: Organized ones with an emphasis on fun, “family” ones and more solitary ones. You can enjoy your breakfast (or brunch if you’re up late) at «Lithi», in Chora of Andros. For food you can head either to Ormos Korthi at «Sea Satin Nino»,for tantalizing traditional recipes, or to «Kossi» in Ano Fellos, famous for its grilled meats, pure raw materials and large portions. For your accommodation it is worth choosing «Onar Andros» which has traditional island cottages on the enchanting beach of Achla. Access to Andros is only from the port of Rafina. The ferry ride takes 2 hours.


Tinos is a destination that combines everything. The island where lifestyle is “forbidden”, hosts cultural heritage sites and has a rich gastronomic identity that is worth discovering. And of course, magnificent beaches and impressive picturesque villages that make it one of the favorite summer destinations that can be easily reached by boat within a few hours. In recent years Tinos has become a destination for foodies, as the locals have rallied around the institution “Tinos Food Paths”. The aim of the initiative is to promote the island’s agricultural production, local products and new restaurants. As far as walks are concerned, the villages of the hinterland hide images of infinite beauty.
The village of Triantaros, 7 km from the country, is famous for its views and traditional architecture. A little further north are the ‘rural’ villages of the island: Kalloni, Steni, Falatados, Ktikados, Krokos, Skalados, Tripotamos and many more villages spread out among stretches of land. The walks need food, though. At «To Thalassaki» you will find a unique menu in a fantastic landscape: in front of the waves in the quiet bay of Ysternia, you will taste unique dishes, always with selected ingredients from all over Greece and with fresh fish and seafood only from Tinos and the surrounding area. An excellent choice is also the traditional tavern «Drosia» for familiar Greek flavors. For your accommodation you can choose «Elayio»in Agios Petros while a little outside the Chora of the island you will find «Enea». How will you get there? By ferry from the port of Piraeus or Rafina. From Piraeus the journey takes from 3 to 4,5 hours.


A must destination if you want an island getaway in late spring, early summer. Even for a three-day stay Kythnos will offer you a unique experience. The beauty of the island is diffused both in its beautiful villages, its paths and its 104 beaches. Despite being so close to Athens, the island is not overwhelmed by the tourist wave. The island is worth exploring starting from Chora. The whitewashed houses, windows and doors in blue and azure, the narrow streets, the cats, the cute little cafes, the gardenias, the geraniums, the geraniums and the courtyards with blooming roses will enchant you. Also a key trump card is the zero cars: you have to leave the car outside, since, after all, there is no room in the alleys. A Cycladic Chora with all its charms, that is.

In stark contrast to the classic Cycladic landscape comes Chorio or Dryopida. A place much more original: built in the center of the island, high up and far from the sea, it presents a peculiarity in architecture. The houses around the picturesque, cobbled streets are two-storey, with red roofs. For your dives you have… 104 choices. Most of the beaches are small and sandy and are located on the west and east side of Kythnos. Some, in fact, are well known and busy: the beach of Skylos, Kolona, Episkopi and Apokrousi. Others, again, are more unexplored and unspoilt. For priceless gastronomic moments you can visit the restaurant «Messaria» in Chora.

There you will taste, among other things, handmade crispy cheese pie with a thin sheet like cigarette paper, caper salad, lemon rabbit with homemade fried potatoes, bekri meze and pork shank. If you have been with a group of friends on the island, you can take a walk to Loutra and the restaurant «Koutsikos», for traditional dishes with ingredients produced by the owners’ family. For your accommodation you can choose «Niriides», if you want something more secluded and quiet, or «Filoxenia Studios»,if you want to be in the thick of things. How will you get there? By ferry from Piraeus and Lavrio. The journey is 3 or 2 hours respectively.


Do you want your destination to combine natural beauty and rich history? Then Spetses is for you. The cosmopolitan yet simple island, hardly fits into a mould. It is authentic, real and delightful. With their strong “card” their close proximity to Piraeus, they are the solution you are looking for for a weekend full of beautiful images and stately experiences. The town of Spetses is romantic, full of two-storey neoclassical buildings drowned in beautiful flowers and palm trees. Dapia, the island’s port, is ideal for a coffee in front of the cannons that once protected Spetses. In the Old Port, another place that will take you back in time, you’ll find tavernas and ouzo bars on the waterfront. For your dives, you can head to beaches like Agia Paraskevi and Ligoneri, which combine the green of the pine trees with the turquoise waters.

For a special experience at sea, you can take a dive in the Cave of Bekiri, where the locals used to hide when the island was under attack, among trees and stalagmites. Where you eat is extremely important on your holiday. An excellent choice is the ouzeri-mezedopoleio «Kapelogiannis» πwhich has been serving homemade traditional delicacies since 1945. If again you want a picturesque setting and a table on the sand then go to the area of Kounoupitsa for «Akrogialia». For your accommodation you can choose either the hotel «Klimis»near the beach of Agios Mamas or the «Kohili boutique hotel» near the port. Finally to reach Spetses you have 2 options. A dolphin departs daily from the port of Piraeus. Alternatively, you can drive to the village of Costa in Argolida (179 km from Athens) and from there it will take you about 10-15 minutes to reach Spetses by boat.