Tzia: A paradise within reach

Are you a weekender who wants to escape to a nearby destination or do you want to find the place to spend part of your summer vacation with the right doses of “life” and refreshing relaxation? Kea (or Tzia) is the choice for you. It is one of the most beautiful summer travel destinations for short trips from Athens – as it will take you just an hour by boat from the port of Lavrio to get there. It has nothing to envy from the rest of the Cycladic islands and so Tzia wins over those who love nature, traditional architecture and quiet bathing.

But when we say “Cycladic island” we must note that you will not see the traditional image you are used to. For example, most of the houses in Ioulida, the Chora of Tzia, have red roofs. Built amphitheatrical on 3 hills, Chora is ideal for those who love walking and wandering. You can look for the houses, the roofed small arcades and especially the ones made by Alekos Fassianos, an honorary citizen of the island. Between terraces and dry stone walls you will reach the mills, which used to be functioning and offered a lot to the locals by producing barley. If you want to continue the walks, Tzia has a dense network of paths totalling 81 km.

Where to have breakfast in Tzia

All roads lead to «The Bakery in the Port » where most of you will hear about the triangular cheese pie with salty cheese and crispy pastry. But the Bakery in the Port also turns out very nice peinirli, croissants and sandwiches every morning. For omelettes, club sandwiches and even croque madame with the local sausage loza and homemade bechamel, go to the «Kokka Cafe».

Where you can dive in and also... "extreme" activities

Tzia is one of the many places in Greece where it is really worth trying diving. The British ocean liner “Britikos”, the “brother” of the “Titanic”, sank off the island in 1916, the year the French ocean liner “Burdigala” sank, while on the islet of Spanopoula you will have the chance to see large pelagic fish. Contact Kea Divers for a complete diving experience.
If you are not into diving but water sports then you can head to the small bay “Kondouraki” where you will also find a beach bar. Usually voted as the nicest beach on the island is “Xyla”, which has golden sand and fine pebbles. They have umbrellas and sunbeds. “Sikamia” is not organised but has large tamarisks for shade, as well as the beach “Pisses” which is also ideal for sunset time since it is west facing.

Food, drink and accommodation in Tzia

A good trip needs good food. The «Aristos» in Vourkari is famous for its fresh fish, excellent shrimp macaroni and seafood delicacies, while in the same place for tables on the sand and fresh fish you should look for
«I Strofi Tou Mimi». You will taste classic Greek cuisine at «The Cottage of Margarita» in Poisses. Try the handmade dolmades, the eggplant imam, the juicy burger and the souvlaki. The evening stroll takes place in the narrow streets of Chora. There you will find the historic bar “Leo” which has been operating since the early 80s and attracts people of all ages.

Ideal for a secluded stay are the self-contained apartments of «Porto Kea Suites», which also have their own beach with sunbeds and umbrellas. For fantastic views from the highest point of the island in Ioulis, book one of the suites at «Kea Village».