Thassos: a small paradise in the North Aegean

If you are looking for an idyllic destination for your next holiday, Thassos, the emerald of the North Aegean, is the ideal choice. With its beautiful nature, deep blue beaches and rich culture, Thassos will earn a place in your heart!
The main reason to visit and stay in Thassos is the natural beauty of the island. The beaches of Thassos are simply breathtaking.

Chrysi Ammoudia

Located in the eastern part of the island, it is considered the longest and most popular beach of Thassos. It is shallow with crystal clear waters, organized and ideal for families. In the area you will find plenty of accommodation. At Iliorama Luxury Apartments you will enjoy the Thassian hospitality, as well as at Princess Golden Beach. At 100 meters from the beach you will also find Nikolas Studios.

Limanaki Beach

In Limenas, the capital of the island, you will find the beach of Limanaki. The high sand, the shallow sea and the multitude of restaurants, cafes and shops nearby give it its own identity. The Souvlike in Limenas will impress you with its variety of top quality meats in a modernly designed place. If you are a seafood lover, in the old port you will find the Symi, restaurant, where you will be served the best fresh fish of the area while drinking your wine and enjoying the view of the sea. Another ideal choice is Sea Breeze. Don't leave Limenas without visiting Karnagio. It will offer you the ultimate magic any time of the day.


The settlement of Aliki has a long history since the 7th century BC. Next to the two beaches of Aliki are ruins of an ancient settlement, two early Christian basilicas and the ancient marble quarry. In 1896, through archaeological research, an important discovery was made in the area - the finding of an ancient Kouros. The beach is organized and has sand inside and outside. Traditional taverns and taverns next to it, give a different feel to its bathers. After your swim, it is worth enjoying your lunch at the beautiful Aliki.


Pefkari beach, in the southern part of Thassos, is located at a distance of one kilometre from the settlement of Poto and is named after the dense pine forest in the area. Its turquoise waters combined with the sand attract visitors every year. It is an organized beach, a favorite of water sports enthusiasts.


On the northern side of Thassos you will find the most exotic beach of the island. Also known as Marble Beach, this beach will enchant your soul. The all-white pebbles, the green waters, the lush vegetation that surrounds it will leave you with the most beautiful impressions. On the beach you will be impressed by the marble pebbles, due to the marble mining that takes place in the area.


At a distance of 16 km from the village of Potos, you will find Ggiola, the most beautiful natural swimming pool. It is also called the “tear of Aphrodite”. Its particular beauty, its shape and its location make it famous all over the world. A short distance from Ghiola, in Pefkari, you will find the Oasis Beach Bar, a stop there will reward you.
However, natural wealth is not the only thing that impresses visitors.
It also has a long history and culture that can be discovered by exploring its archaeological sites. The island’s capital, Limenas, has always been the most important area of the island, with a history dating back to ancient times and reaching back to the present day. Today’s town is built on top of ancient ruins and during a pleasant walk, you can perceive the impressive history that accompanies it.
Another reason that makes Thassos so attractive is its architectural beauty. Its picturesque settlements, with their traditional stone houses and narrow cobbled streets, create an architectural character that blends harmoniously with the traditional landscape. A stroll through the picturesque alleys of the villages of Thassos will take you back to another era.
It is important to mention the warm hospitality of the island’s inhabitants, where you will be welcomed in the most welcoming and kind way. Their smile and their willingness to serve you will surprise you in the best way.
All this will be confirmed by your stay on the island. At the accommodation Mary, in Limenas, you will be able to rest and at the same time get to know the Thassian hospitality. In a central point of Limenas you will also find Thasscities Casa Studios, a complex recently renovated to provide its guests with high quality services. It is ideally located for exploring the capital of the island and the surrounding areas. If you are travelling with your family, at the Kipos Apartments you will find everything you need to enjoy your holiday more easily. Still, Gorgona Di Thassos in Limenaria is waiting for you to enjoy your stay by the sea. A few kilometers away, in Skala Potamia you will find Villa Angelo, 300 meters from the beach of Golden Beach, this family business is waiting to welcome you with all its warmth.
The natural heritage of Thassos is not just a value for the locals. It is a driving force for tourism on the island. The natural wealth is harmoniously combined with the traditional architecture and cultural heritage, offering visitors a unique experience. Visit Thassos to discover the natural treasure of this earthly paradise and indulge in the beauty and well-being it offers.

The “Emerald of the Aegean” is waiting for you!