Acherontas: An escape to the mythical river of Epirus

Acherontas is a mythical river associated with several myths and religious traditions in ancient Greece.
From the ancient poet Homer to modern times, Acherontas has been a place of admiration and exploration.

The origin of the name “Acherontas” comes from the Greek word “achos”, which refers to deep sorrow.
There is a second version derived from the word “achos” meaning a continuous, loud sound. Acherontas was considered the way to the underworld. According to mythology, Hermes, also known as the “psychopompos”, saw to the transport of the souls of the dead to Charon, who was the ferryman of Hades.

In the region of Souliou, at an altitude of 1,600 meters, are the springs of Acheron, two kilometers away from the village of Glyki. As the river flows, it creates images of serenity and natural beauty that captivate.
The crystal clear waters, lush green landscapes, gorges, lakes and waterholes make up a special ecosystem protected by the Natura 2000 network. The century-old plane trees shade the Acheron, while the green vertical rocks stand majestically next to it. The beauty of this area has become fully recognised and thousands of travelers from all over the world visit the river at all times of the year. In the summer months, the more adventurous have the opportunity to swim in its icy waters and enjoy the Acherodas with all their senses!

Glyki - the beauty of Souliou

The small and picturesque village of Souliou is a favorite destination for lovers of the region. You will find it right next to the sources of the river, a setting quite impressive for its visitors. According to a story that has been passed down from generation to generation, the name of the village is due to the fact that St. Donatos once passed through the area and killed a dragon that inhabited the Acheron’s springs and poisoned the water. The Saint blessed the water and made it sweet. From this event it is believed that the village was named Glyki -in Greek Glyki means sweet.
The village is ideal for an overnight stay. In Στον Acherotas you will enjoy the euphoria of the surroundings. The accommodation has a restaurant, where you can enjoy your meals while listening to the running water next to you. You will have the same feeling at the Hotel Acheron Springs. Also, another option is the Hotel Irini, where you will be accommodated in a quiet and friendly place and enjoy your stay while taking a dip in the accommodation’s swimming pool.
You should not miss to try the local cuisine of the area, particularly features inspired by the continental gastronomy. At the Panorama tavern you will taste fresh trout next to the river banks. Is there a better time? You’ll find many similar options near the river.

Apart from the warm hospitality and culinary delights, in the area you can enjoy the tranquility of nature through activities such as rafting, canoe-kayaking, horseback riding, cycling and more. You can contact the experts Acheron Rafting Club, Riverdream for the ultimate experience!

From its source to its mouth in the Ionian Sea, Acheron brings with it the long and rich history of Greek mythology. A source of inspiration, the Acherontas River continues to capture the attention and imagination of its visitors, revealing a unique world.

Don’t be late to visit it!