Thessaloniki: A city for all tastes

Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of good food, or just want to wander the picturesque alleys, Thessaloniki has something for everyone. It is the second largest city in Greece and will surely win first place in your heart. Whatever your tastes, your visit to Thessaloniki will exceed your expectations.

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The Ladadika of Thessaloniki is a historic neighborhood of the city, located in the center of the city. The neighborhood got its name from the oil warehouses that existed there, which supplied the city with oil. It is a district with a rich history, since in the 19th century the Byzantine port of the city was located there. Today, this neighborhood is one of the most popular tourist areas of Thessaloniki as the harmonious coexistence of cafes, taverns, restaurants, and bars transport the visitor to another era. One such example is the tavern To Kourbetti, with fine delicacies and excellent wine that you will want to return again and again.
On the other hand, a modern tavern will make you rethink what you know so far. Sourtouko with its sophisticated architecture and colorful design, combined with its delicious Greek Mediterranean dishes is something that will blow you away.
But if you are still looking for something different the WonderWall Fun Bar is waiting for you. It is a modern entertainment building divided into four themed floors that is ready to cater for every taste!


Thessaloniki, a city with a deep historical heritage and culture, offers a wide range of attractions for visitors to explore during their stay.
White Tower
Starting from the historic city center, you can enjoy one of Greece’s most popular attractions, the White Tower; the iconic monument of Thessaloniki, it stands imposingly on the city’s coastal boulevard. With a height of 34 meters and 6 floors, the history of the White Tower is long and rich. Today, it is a museum and houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Thessaloniki. From the top, visitors can admire the stunning view of the city and the surrounding area.
A walk in Aristoteles Square is a magical experience that combines the richness of culture and history with the vibrancy of the modern city. Making the central square of Thessaloniki the ideal destination for a walk, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the architectural style, with impressive buildings.
Aristotelous Square
A point of reference for the city is the Rotunda, a popular tourist attraction and one of the most important monuments of Thessaloniki and one of the most important Roman monuments in Greece.
Thessaloniki also has many museums and leisure facilities. You can visit the city’s Archaeological Museum to see an impressive collection of ancient artefacts and works of art. The Thessaloniki Zoo offers a unique experience for visitors, as they can enjoy interacting with different species of animals. The Axios Delta National Park, 10 kilometers from the center of Thessaloniki, is also a wonderful destination for nature and bird lovers.
All in all, Thessaloniki offers a diverse range of attractions and activities for every visitor, combining history, culture, and recreation in a beautiful Mediterranean environment.

Tips for your stay

For a complete trip you should have your itinerary as well organized as possible. Good organization lies first and foremost in your accommodation. The first factor to consider when choosing accommodation in Thessaloniki is the location. If you want to be close to the city’s attractions, such as Aristotelous Square, the Rotonda and the White Tower, choose a hotel in the city center. If you prefer a quieter location, you can choose a hotel in the suburbs or near the sea. The options are many. Don’t forget that you also have to consider your budget. Thessaloniki offers a variety of accommodation options, from budget hotels and apartments to luxury resorts.
We have picked out and present to you the following:

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It’s time to book your accommodation and pack your bags to discover its magic.

Don’t be late, Thessaloniki is waiting for you!