Pavliani: A fairytale mountain oasis

In a landscape of wild beauty, on the slopes of Mount Tymfristos, lies Pavliani, a small village of Fthiotida that seems to have sprung from a fairy tale. When we think of the word fairy tale, images that include fantasy and adventure often come to mind. Not only that… we often find messages and forms of teaching. Without exaggeration, you will find all of this in the fairy tale oasis that Pavliani has to offer.

Two and a half hours from Athens and only one hour from Lamia, this village has much to offer and much to teach you. Although for many years it was a secret destination for lovers of excursions, it is now the most popular for all seasons but especially in winter. If you are looking for a place for beautiful family moments, we highly recommend it!

Its artistic side

What makes this village special and fairytale-like is the artistic side that you will see from the moment you arrive. More specifically, as you walk around the settlement you will find paintings all around you, curated by village volunteers, pioneered by the Pavlianitsa teacher Maria Lianga. In the beginning tentatively, starting with a graffiti, it has now reached the point where most of the village – benches, signs and even a whole park – has been artworked. The residents accepted this energy pleasantly, which helped it to expand more and more. Today it is an attraction for both families and couples.

Recreation Park

The piano-bridge in Pavliani leisure park
There, between Kato and Ano Pavliani, at the sources of Asopos, there is the recreation park that has won the hearts of young and old. Before or after your tour, you can enjoy your drink or snack at the new-age cantina Casa de Papel. An innovative idea perfectly harmonized in this space. In the park you can find the Museum of Aquatics, which is housed in a stone complex. There you will see the watermill, the water mill, the Madani and the water mill. But what will surprise you is the wooden bridge-piano, since when you step on it, music will start playing. As you walk through the park you will find yourself among many creative artworks, such as clever signs, funny signs, well-made toys, tree houses and an imaginative picnic area.
Pavliani leisure park

If you like hiking, following the appropriate signs in the park you can take a specific path to the “Throne of Zeus“, also known as the observatory. From there you can enjoy the impressive panoramic view of the Malian Gulf. At an altitude of 1,260 metres and following a different path you can still see the “Iron Throne“, inspired by the popular series Game of Thrones. In both cases, the climb requires good physical fitness and the right equipment!

Agritourism in Pavliani

You don’t want your stay in Pavliani to be limited to just a few days? Do you want to stay longer than a weekend? An alternative suggestion to enjoy beautiful family moments and get rid of the stress of everyday life is an agritourism experience. But where? At the special Vasilikia Farm. A farm created with care and love for nature. A complex with attention to every detail. It gives the visitor a unique experience and an indelible memory when they leave it.

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Harmonizing with the countryside and its surroundings, the accommodation will offer you a unique combination of nature and luxury.

The village

It is a well-kept cultivated village that is cared for by its own inhabitants with love for it. Next to the church of Agios Athanasios, you will find the central square of the village. There you will enjoy your coffee with the quietness befitting the moment.In many parts of the settlement you will find clever and beautifully painted messages, filled with humour and emotion!

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