Traveling to the 6 most picturesque villages of Greece

Νυμφαίο, Φλώρινας
If you are looking for an unforgettable travel experience in Greece, this article invites you to explore the 6 most picturesque villages in the country. From traditional villages with stone-built houses in the Peloponnese to the unsurpassed natural landscapes in the mountain villages of Epirus, this list offers a brief tour of the beauty of the Greek countryside. Each village has its own unique history, tradition and natural beauty that is sure to impress. But which villages are they really?

Syrrako, Ioannina

Syrrako, Ioannina
With its stone houses and stunning views, Syrrako is an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature. This village, in the prefecture of Ioannina, is one of the most popular villages of Tzoumerka. Built on a slope of Mount Lakmos and at an altitude of 1,150 meters, Syrrako will impress you from every point of view. Due to the traditional architecture of its buildings, which has not been altered over time, the settlement has been classified as preserved.
At the entrance of the settlement you will see the Punta Nuawa Bridge or New Bridge built in 1800. The most impressive building of the village is the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos, which is the patron saint of the village. An important place in the activities of the village is occupied by its cultural events – the festivals, which are worth experiencing the reunion of the locals. Don’t leave without trying traditional Epirus flavors such as local pies and pancakes.
Built in 1929, the Old School was the school of the village. Today this stone building has been converted into a guesthouse and is waiting to accommodate you. Also, another accommodation for your stay is the Guesthouse Casa Kalda, a traditional guesthouse that will provide you with all the comforts for a quiet stay. A small village but with a great feeling of warm hospitality. That’s why we can’t leave out the Stavraeto Guesthouse, where you will find it just above the main square.
Next to Syrrako, another amazing settlement that we recommend you to visit is Kalarrites. These two villages are separated by a deep Charadra of the river Kalarrytiko. There a small family guesthouse that stands out for its warm hospitality is waiting to welcome you and it is none other than the Napoleon Zagli Guesthouse. Apart from the guesthouse, the Zagli family is waiting to welcome you in the café/tavern that it maintains. The café has a long history, as it has been in operation since 1842.

Zarouxchla, Achaia

At a distance of about 180 km from Athens you will find Zarouchla, a mountain village of Achaia, built at an altitude of 1,037 meters on the southeastern slopes of Mount Kratis, near the border with the prefecture of Corinthia. It is one of the most mountainous settlements of Achaia and is known for its natural beauty and traditional architecture. The village is built in a green fir forest, which creates an idyllic atmosphere.
The stone-built houses, mansions, and picturesque paths of Zarouchla offer the visitor an experience full of images and emotions, making him feel that he has arrived in a familiar place, even though he may have never visited it before. Walking along the picturesque paths of Zarochla and reaching its center, you will find the Tower of Zarouchla, a historical building that has been there since the 17th century. Since 1985, it has been considered a listed monument and has been operating as a guesthouse.
In Zarouchla you will find taverns that will embrace your heart with their warmth and the authenticity of their dishes. In the tavern of Mahaira, you will find excellent dishes combining quality and quantity to the maximum. As well as in the Nirides tavern you will find fine dishes of the local cuisine.
A short distance from the settlement is Lake Tsivlou, where its serene waters reflect the shoreline of Mount Chelmos. The place offers an earthly paradise for nature lovers as for many it is a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ano Agoriani, Fokida

In the embrace of Parnassos, built on seven hills and at an altitude of 830 meters spreads an amazing place that could be the perfect setting for a fairy tale. The village is located on the northwestern slopes of Mount Parnassus and is known for its traditional architecture, its picturesque alleys and its rich natural beauty. One of the most popular attractions of Agoriani is its waterfall – the village’s trademark, located near the central square of the village. It is worth drinking your tsipouro in the square, next to the famous fountains and under the century-old plane trees.

A few minutes from the central square, a visit to the chapel of Agioi Anargyroi will refresh you, since it is built on a spring where its waters gush out at the back of the church.

The beauty of the village is highlighted during the winter months, when the snow spreads over it and gives the feeling of an alpine village. Plane trees, fir trees, walnut trees and cherry trees adorn the village. Taking a walk in this place you will feel the ultimate reward, as the scenery will transport you to another time. For a quiet and relaxing stay, we have chosen three special accommodations of excellent hospitality and service:

During your excursion to Agoriani for more entertainment you can visit the Parnassos Ski Centre. A few kilometers outside the settlement, you can visit Pavliani, an equally beautiful village of unparalleled beauty.

Dimitsana, Arcadia

A village that should also be added to your list of travel adventures is Dimitsana, a destination you should visit at least once in your life. The village is built at an altitude of about 950 – 1000 meters and is surrounded by mountains and forests. It is a charming little town in the centre of mountainous Arcadia. To the west of the village is the river Lousios, which flows into the Alpheus River and has created one of the most beautiful gorges in the country. Apart from its natural beauty, there is also a religious one, since on both sides of it there are two historical monasteries. The Holy Monastery of Filosofos and the Holy Monastery of Prodromos.
In the picturesque alleys of Dimitsana
Dimitsana is a place with a rich history and tradition. During the Revolution of 1821, the village was an important center of the Greek resistance. It became known as the ‘Powder magazine of the Revolution’, since all the ammunition of the Revolution came from there. Today, Dimitsana is a popular tourist resort. Walking along its picturesque stone cobbled streets you will discover its fairytale beauty. Particularly traditional stone-built houses, elegant guesthouses, squares and temples will be the ones that will satiate your eye. And not only!
Dimitsana at night
The Public Historical Library of Dimitsana is a treasure waiting to be discovered by every visitor with an interest in the rich history of the region. With a rich collection of books, archives, and historical documents, the library is an eclectic place where visitors can immerse themselves in the richness of local heritage. To feel the warm hospitality of the Arcadian land, book your stay at Barοutomilos, a traditional hotel that will offer all the facilities for the best stay.
For more accommodation in Dimitsana see HERE
If you visit the area don’t miss the Mikis Theodorakis Museum, which is located in Zatouna, a picturesque village just 4 km from Dimitsana.

Nymfaio, Florina

The beautiful villages of our country do not stop here. Another one is Nymfaio, which is among the 10 most beautiful villages in Europe, since it is embraced by the amazing nature of Florina. Built at an altitude of 1,346 meters, on the slopes of Mount Vitsi, Nymphaeon offers unique landscapes. It is located in a green forest, with fir, beech and chestnut trees. The view from the village is stunning, with the plain of Florina and the surrounding mountains stretching before your eyes.
In the southeast of Florina, at the foot of Mount Verno, is Lake Zazari. A small, picturesque lake, which hides a special beauty inside. Its turquoise waters, the high mountains that surround it and the lush vegetation that surrounds it, create an idyllic setting that enchants every visitor.Apart from its beauty, Zazari is also an important wetland. The lake is home to a rich variety of birds, fish and other aquatic organisms. If you are adventurous and enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding, canoe kayaking, mountain walking or even mountain biking, contact the experts at Artemis to put it on your schedule.
Beyond its natural charm, Nymfaio holds a rich history that is reflected in every stone and corner of the village. It developed significantly from the 18th to the early 20th century after the village was considered one of the largest silversmithing centers in the Balkans.
Attractions that you can see are the Nikios School and the Bear Sanctuary, which is an action of the environmental non-profit organization Arcturus.
For a wonderful accommodation experience book your stay at Argyro Guesthouse. An accommodation with all modern amenities and a warm hospitality that will make you feel at home. We also recommend the Kontogianni Guesthouse. With its beautiful aesthetics and in combination with the tranquility of the place, you will be captivated by its magic.
Traditional houses of Nymfaio

Throughout your trip to Nymfaio you will love its local gastronomy. A variety of dishes made from locally produced products. A point of reference is Tigris, in the central square of Nymfaio, waiting to serve you its special tsipouro made from champagne sediment accompanied by local Lemnos -and not only- meze! A few kilometers from Nymfaio, it is worth visiting the Taverna Thomas, located in the village of Sklithro. You will be impressed by the Greek creative menu in a vintage decorated environment.

Pertouli, Trikala


Another special destination is located in the prefecture of Trikala and it is none other than Pertouli. Built at an altitude of 1,150 meters on the slopes of Koziacas, Pertouli offers a unique experience to the visitor. The enchanting nature of Pertouli is the first reason why it is worth visiting. The village is surrounded by lush green fir trees, creating an idyllic setting. The fir trees are so dense that they seem to embrace the village, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

It offers a variety of nature activities, making it an ideal destination for all seasons. A stone’s throw away, 6 km from the village, you will find the Pertouli Ski Centre. The dense spruce forest has been a field of research for academics and thus the State has granted part of this forest to the forestry department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
At Archontiko Hatzigaki, you will enjoy your stay and enjoy the dreamy view from the window of your room. At Villa Filokosta you will live an amazing accommodation experience. The location, the comfortable space and the fireplace will make you feel at home.
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Discover the authentic beauty of the Greek countryside with a trip to the 6 most impressive villages of our country. From high mountains with stunning views, to traditional villages that retain authentic Greek hospitality, these villages are the country’s hidden treasures. Each one showcases a unique coexistence with nature, offering walks along paths of panoramic beauty. Moreover, local traditions and culture ooze from every stone, making every visit a fascinating experience. Get ready to discover the ultimate escape in these mountainous jewels of Greek nature and culture, as you travel among the peaks and traditions that make up the country’s impressive character.
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