Weekend at Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is a must visit attraction, especially for a weekend trip, as it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Greece and ideal for all seasons. It is in itself a place worth exploring as it is surrounded by lush green landscapes, has blue waters and many spots where one can do various kinds of activities. Leaving the lake itself and around it, there are picturesque villages where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the inhabitants and the unique local delicacies. Whatever your mood, you will find a variety of activities and tours to suit all tastes If you are a fan of winter sports and nature activities there is the option of mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, archery and much more. If you just want to spend a relaxing 48 hours, with a wonderful natural background, walks around the lake as well as in the picturesque alleys of the villages will satisfy you.

The artificial lake

Also known as “Little Switzerland”, Lake Plastira is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of incomparable natural beauty that makes an impression at first sight. And if you have ever wondered whether an artificial accumulation of water in one place can radically change the natural and socio-economic character of an entire region, the answer is emphatically “yes”. The artificial Lake Plastira is the great proof. The dam that holds back the waters of the Tavropou River was built in 1959, it was the idea and vision of a local politician, Nikolaos Plastiras, who was originally from the village of Morfovouni near the shores of the lake.
The lake was created on the old plateau of Nevropolis, at an altitude of about 700 meters to irrigate the plain of Karditsa, to give water to the city and for electricity production. Until the construction of the dam the area was hard and inaccessible, it was the antechamber and the foothills of the wild mountains of Agrafa. In the last sixty-plus years, however, the area has begun to change: The roads connecting Agrafa to Karditsa improved and the villagers became involved in tourism, realising that the lake offered a great privilege to their place and would attract visitors. Pezoula, Neraida, Neochori are villages that developed and hosted the first travellers. After Neochori, the road to the imposing massif of Agrafa is still taken by few, but the lake is filled with people all year round.

Moments of relaxation and activities at Lake Plastiras

The most developed part of Lake Plastira is the western part and is about 340 km from Athens. Indicatively, Kalyvia Pezoula is 337 km and Neochori 342 km away. You will get here by following the National Road Athens-Lamia and after passing the bends on the old road Lamia-Domokou, you will come out on the new road E65. Before Karditsa, you will turn towards Lake Plastira. The route takes about 4 hours. From Thessaloniki the distance is 240 km and it will take you about 3 hours.

Lovers of outdoor activities have a number of options in front of them. For example, hiking on the dense network of paths around the lake, leading to the various peaks of Agrafa, which is ideal for gentle hikes through the forest. You will find nice trails in the forest around the village of Belokomitis, from and to the Agrafa Mountaineering Refuge, in the gorge above the village of Anthochori and between the settlements above the lake. Quite a popular activity is cycling on the lake. With a little pedalling, the bike will get into motion and almost sail across the lake. You can also cycle around the small islands or cycle to the opposite shore. Bicycles for the lake are available from the activity company “Tavropos Activities” located in Pezoula square. It also has canoes, kayaks, sup and electric bikes for rides outside the lake. Since 1990 the “Saloon-Farm Zambetta” has been operating in the area where you can do everything from horseback riding to archery. The Botanical Garden of Lake Plastira gives you the opportunity to wander among the various species of plants, herbs, shrubs and trees, to see the artificial wetland and to make a stop at the Central Alley to admire the rich garden.

Food and accommodation

But because you will surely be hungry after all the things you choose to do around and outside the lake, then make a first stop next to the iron bridge of Tavropos at the “Hani of Megdova“. The place is famous for its fried trout with butter and well-roasted meats. Also make a stop at “Zarnavalos” (Kalyvia Pezoula), the tavern where you can taste fine meats from the butcher’s shop right next to it, while “Manitari” (2nd km Neochori – Pezoula) is also worth your time.

For your stay and depending on your budget you can choose either “Montanema Handmade Village” (Anthochori), the guesthouse located in the forest above the village and consists of more than 30 houses that are fully integrated into the surrounding area. The guesthouse is a unique retreat, yet it is lively and full of activities. The spa centre has a swimming pool and jacuzzi with mountain views, a hammam, sauna and massage treatments. You can also learn to open a leaf, make soaps with olive oil and herbs gathered in the mountain or observe the turkeys, sheep, piglets and ponies on the farm. One of the best value for money options in the area is the “Nevros” hotel. Apart from double rooms and suites, it also has family rooms, ideal for families. In the hotel’s Aloe Spa Center you will find a sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and massage treatments.