Excursion to the nearest ski resorts in Athens

What does a winter excursion mean? It means a trip to the mountains. And what can you do in the mountains besides walking, hiking on trails and relaxing in beautiful guesthouses, chalets, cafes and restaurants? Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding at one of the 17 ski resorts currently operating in our country.
Wonderful natural landscapes surrounded by forests full of tall fir and beech trees, gurgling running rivers are part of the canvas you can enjoy if you make the decision to escape to a mountain range. And, of course, if you decide to make a stop at one of our country’s organized ski resorts you can combine moments of adrenaline, play, exploration and relaxation.

Read on filoxeno.com more about the facilities, the degree of difficulty of the available trails and the distance of the closest ski resorts from Athens. Are you ready to test your strength on the snowy slopes of the ski resorts?


The Parnassos ski resort is the largest and most equipped in the country and has been operating continuously since 1976 at an altitude of 1,640 to 2,260 metres. The distance from Athens is about 180 km, which is close to 2 hours’ drive. The Parnassos ski resort has 23 slopes with a total length of 34 km and is a meeting point for Athenians and residents of the surrounding areas, since its chalets and slopes are full of life every weekend in winter. In Parnassos you can have an unforgettable time participating in activities with the whole family and entering slopes for all levels.

After the modernization of the lifts and the consolidation of the facilities of Kellaria – Fterolakas, the ski resort in Parnassos is undoubtedly the most complete and technologically modern ski resort in the country, equal to those abroad. Among its facilities are mass catering and leisure shops, rental, maintenance and sale of ski equipment and ski schools. At 43 km from the ski resort and perched at an altitude of 900 m is the village of Vargiani. In the central square do not miss the opportunity to try the cuisine of the tavern “Zervas” with its delicious stews. Finally, it is worth a walk to the nearby Arachova which you can read about here.


The ski resort of Kalavryta is located 191 km from Athens and specifically in the location Xirokambos on the northwest side of Helmos at an altitude of 1650-2,340 meters. It is only 14 km from the town of Kalavryta and has been in operation since 1988 and is considered a paradise for winter sports. It is a destination that is particularly loved by the world, and this is because it has very well equipped facilities for freestyle, freeride, skiing and snowboarding. At the Kalavryta ski centre you can also do winter skiing, an activity that probably only takes place there. The Ski Centre offers packages for getaways and excursions in the area, such as the All Inclusive Ski, which includes half-board accommodation, equipment and a ski pass. It has 11 slopes, a snow park and a tubes park. The ski resort has 2 chalets for relaxation, coffee or drinks and food. At 1740 meters in one chalet, there is a cafeteria, restaurant that turns into a bar when night skiing takes place. It has 4 lifts, 2 sliding, 1 children’s and a two-seater aerial lift. For nearby, at the ski resort, excursions you can read here και here.


The distance that separates Mountainous Corinthia from Athens is only 144 km. The area does not have imposing chalets and the crowds you might expect from a ski resort. Precisely for these reasons it proves to be an ideal destination for a weekend in nature. The mountain of Zireia has a highest peak at 2,374 meters and the ski resort is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters and just 10 kilometers from Trikala, Corinthia. There you will find plenty of options for accommodation and dining. It is one of the newest ski resorts near Athens, opening in 2007. This particular ski resort is the one that appeals most of all to families. There are slopes for adults, both advanced and beginners. You can rent the necessary equipment for the activities you choose. There is the baby slope and the baby lift which is ideal for little ones. For your stay you can choose either the guesthouse “Chelydorea”, “Archontiko Fiamegou”, or the guesthouse “Varnevo”.


The mountainous part of the prefecture of Trikala got a boost and tourist development from the operation of the ski center in Pertouli, back in 1985. Since then and until today, much has changed, the roads, the villages, the services offered. One thing is for sure, if someone in that year told the local people that hundreds of people would choose their village and the ski resort to ski and have fun, at night, at an altitude of 1,200 meters, they would have looked at him half-heartedly! But this is often the case in winter with the night skiing nights that are organized and are even a great success. It only has 3 slopes but two of them are quite easy and offers many other activities such as snowmobiles. It also has 3 chalets. The ski resort is 6 km from Pertouli and Elati, with even more options, is 8 km away. You can read more about excursions to Elati and Pertouli here.


One of the oldest and most remarkable ski resorts in the country is located on Mount Velouchi in Diavolotopos. The Velouchi Karpenisi Ski Centre is just 12km from the town of Karpenisi and 284 km from Athens. There are a total of 5 lifts and 18 pistes of which 4 are off piste and 2 for snowboarding and which include all levels of difficulty. The ski chalet has a chalet with rental and purchase of ski equipment and a bar overlooking the slopes. There is also the possibility of staying in the mountain shelter, an experience that will be unforgettable for anyone who tries it, as the landscape in the area is reminiscent of northern Europe. The Snow Bar – Ice Bar which also operates in the ski resort will satisfy your appetite for partying and dancing in the snow as it often organizes events and DJs. Finally, the neighbouring Karpenisi will offer you unforgettable moments with its hotels, its restaurants, the surrounding excursions in mountainous landscapes. For all the above you can read here.